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Auto nesting CNC router for customized furniture

Customized furniture CNC router with auto nesting system

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The price will float according to the parameters of Auto nesting CNC router for customized furniture
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Auto nesting CNC router for customized furniture S2-II is designed for middle or small factory and other customized wooden furniture manufacturers.

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Auto nesting CNC router for customized furniture

Auto nesting customized furniture CNC router S2-II with double process for kitchen cabinets,When finish one work line,it can automatic transfer to work on another table,greatly improve the work efficiency.It is suited for middle or small factory and other customized furniture manufacturers. Easy to operate with economical cost. If you are looking for a machine for nest-based manufacturing but your choices are limited by budget, then this S2-II auto nesting customized furniture CNC router will be your perfect investment for great growth.

Auto Nesting CNC router technical parameters:



Working area


Working table

vacuum table with positioning cylinder

Working accuracy


Repositioning accuracy



X,Y rack translation,Z axis ballscrew transmission


Taiwan HIWIN 30mm square rail guide

Max. travelling speed


Max. Working speed


Spindle power

2*6KW HSD spindle+9 Vertical drills

Spindle speed


Driving system

X,Z axis YASKAWA 850w, Y axis YASKSWA 1300w with reducer


Dalta 11kw 

Control system

Syntec 6MB

Dust collector

Dual dust collector


Automatic oiling system

Power supply

380V/3 phase


G code/mmg/plt

Features of Auto nesting  furniture CNC router:

1. S2-II model auto nesting cnc router can optimization to proceed automatic cutting ,playing vertical hole, and transfer to the another table to continue processes, maximize efficiency output.

2. Equipped with two spindles, this machine allows you to carry out cutting and grooving without having to change tools. It also carries a drill bank that will give you the versatility for your work. 

3. When combined with Cabinet Vision software to optimize the machining process, this machine marries productivity and flexibility, enabling you to carry out nesting and drilling in all kinds of shapes and responding to every of needs. 

4. Humanizing design of the machine control interface,very simple to operate, requiring only minimal training of operator, do not need specialized operation technical personnel, high efficiency.

5. We use High Quality Spare parts for this machine .Such as Italian HSD Spindle, YASKAWA AC Servo system,Germany imported hard rails and so on .It is with stable performance.

6. Through industrial grade overall welding lathe bed with tempering and aging treatment, deformation is avoided and the stability and processing precision of the machine toolare improved.

Auto nesting cnc router in factory: 

Auto nesting cnc router

Auto tool sensor:

Auto tool sensor

Auto nesting furniture cnc router double working table:

Auto nesting furniture cnc router double working table

Taiwan Syntec control system installed in auto nesting customized furniture cnc router:

Taiwan Syntec control system

Auto nesting CNC router for customized furniture applications:

Auto nesting cnc router ideally suitable for furniture decoration, musical instruments, wooden crafts, solid wood furniture, MDF paint-free door, wood composite door, cabinet, kitchen doors, windows, night table, etc.

Auto nesting CNC router for customized furniture samples:

Auto nesting CNC router samples

Auto nesting customized furniture CNC router applications

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