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Wooden door lock hole CNC router with side drilling function

Wooden door lock hole CNC router

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The middle spindle of Wooden door lock hole CNC router can rotate 90°according to your process, it can engrave, cut on plane board’s surface and also mill, drill the board’s sides.

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Wooden door lock hole CNC router with side drilling function

Wooden door lock hole CNC router three spindles can use three different tools for your three different designs' processing at the once time, which is similar with Automatic tool changer CNC Machine Center with three tools.It can achieve for engraving, cutting, drilling, milling, enchase, relief, etc.

Features of Wooden door lock hole CNC router with side drilling:

1. Adopt special design with both vertical spindle and horizontal spindle. The vertical spindle can engrave and cut on surface of wood board and the horizontal one can rotate 90 degree in horizontal direction,it can finish cutting ,engraving ,drilling keyholes and hinge holes on the wooden boards.Without manual tool changing,ensuring high efficiency.

2. Heavy Hard Steel Lath Body,Whole machine is welded with seamless steel structure and is processed by high temperature tempering treatment and vibrating stress relief (VSR) to relief residual stress. The stability is excellent, not easy to be deformed. 

3. Bigger gantry width can make sure every spindle's effective working area.

4. Vacuum System with vacuum pump and tubes,It is also convenient for the user to fix the materials.

5. Independently PC Electric Control Box , with perfect wiring and free moving pulleys.

6. Perfect lubricating system makes maintenance much easier.

7. Adopt Taiwan TBI ball screw and Taiwan Hiwin Square Rail, high precision and long life time.

8. Adopt rack and pinion transmission, fast working, high efficiency and low cost. 

9. Be compatible with several CAD/DAM designing software, e.g. Type 3/Artcam/Castmate/Wentai etc.

10. Has the function of re-carving after break point and power.

11. Table is equipped with alignment pop-up pins for you to fix the work piece quickly.

Wooden door lock hole CNC router with side drilling

side drilling cnc router

Application of  Wooden door lock hole CNC router with side drilling:

Wood, aluminum board, brass board, plastic, density board, MDF board, wave board, PVC, acrylic,crystal, light marble and other nonmetal materials and light metal materials.

Wood processing: Processing of various furniture such as door, window, cabinet, screen and so on.

Advertisement: Engraving and cutting various labels and number plate.

Art craft: Engraving characters of any languages and graphics on gifts and souvenirs.

Wooden door lock hole CNC router technical parameters:

Technical parameters



X/Y/Z Axis reposition accuracy


X/Y/Z Axis working size


Working table size


Feeding height


Max running speed


Max working speed


Working table

Vacuum absorption table, aluminum profile with T slot optional

X/Y/Z Axis transmission

X/Y Axis Gear and rack ,Z Axis Ball screw

Spindle power

Air-cooled 3.5kw*2+4.5KW

Max spindle speed


Collet/Blade diameter

ER32  3-20mm

Driver motor

Stepper motor

Working voltage


Control system

NC STUDIO control system(4 axis)

Gross weight


 Remark: All machine models can be customized according to clients’ special requirement.


Samples of Wooden door lock hole CNC router :

Wooden door lock hole CNC router

Wooden door lock hole CNC router can also do samples as follows:

wood cnc router samples

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