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How to set the parameter of your DSP controller of your CNC router?

How to set the parameter of your DSP controller of your CNC router?

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DSP control system is widely used in CNC router area which is very easy to use. The following article is an introduce of all the bottom of it.

The Standard CNC router machines manufactured by STYLECNC adopt the DSP control system, then how to set the parameters of your DSP controller. Please read and understand the following DSP introduction before the first using, you’ll change the parameters yourself. 

DSP controller of CNC router

1. The pulse equivalent of your machine depends mainly on the transmission of your machine. One direction corresponds to one pulse equivalent. The size setting of your machine according to the models of your machine. For example, STM1325, the length of X direction is 1300, Y direction is 2500.

CNC router 1325

2. The set to make the machine back to zero, it’s used for setting CNC router machine to back to zero speed and return to zero direction. Generally speak, the speed of it should be not more than 2000.

CNC router 6090

The following are some basic functions of DSP.

Menu, to set the menu or switch among the manual processing, automatic processing, advanced processing.

ON/OFF, to start or stop the spindle when manually using.

HIGH/LOW, to set the movement selection with high or low speed when manually using.

HOME, to set the all axis back to origin when manually using.

STOP/CANCEL, to set the high speed or low speed when manually using. Or during processing,to cancel the operate.

MODE, there are three ways to use it by manual which is continuous, step and distance.

RUN/PAUSE DELETE, to run the automatic processing or to pause the processing or the adjusting of the tools.

Origin OK, to set all the axis back to origin or the confirmation of all the settings.

X+, the positive shift of X axis.

Y+, the positive shift of Y axis.

Z+, the positive shift of Z axis.

XY0, to set the origin of X,Y axis.

X-, the negative shift to X axis.

Y-, the negative shift to Y axis.

Z-, the negative shift to Z axis.

Z0, to set the origin of Z axis.

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