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CNC mold making machine can make metal button models, shoe molds, wood molds and other metal molds.
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Application details for Metal Molds Made by CNC Mold Making Machine

cnc mold making machine

Features of CNC mold making machine:

1.The machine tools adopt the resin sand of high-standard stress relieving cast iron.

2. The whole body is gantry frame structure.

3. The linear lead rail of 3-axis may match x-axis.

4. The velocity of movement is fast and the reaction is sensitive.

5. Equipping with the delicated system of high speed engrave milling machine and high speed constant power electric spindle.This makes high precision of processing and good smoothness.

6. Geometric precision and motion precision all proceeded strict laser detect and ball sensing instrument of searching circle detect to guarantee the quality of machine tools.

7. The machine adopts high precision ball screws of Taiwan,straight line rolling lead rail,locking screw nuts,importation twin axletrees and coupler.The retentivity is good.

8. The reaction is sensitive with big torque force of drive motor.

9. It is fit for processing rough,refined and high speed machining.

10. The forth axis can be added as an option to complete the working if needed.

Application of CNC Mold making machine:

Application material: Mainly applied in various types of mold and model processing on man-made stone, copper, aluminum, iron, plastic and wood.

Applied Industry: metal molds, bronze, embossed mold, wooden mold, three-dimensional model making and jewellery industry,etc.

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