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Cylinder wood samples processing by CNC lathe machine

Cylinder wood samples processing by CNC lathe machine(0/0)

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Wood CNC lathe machine maily used for turning, carving, grooving and twisting for round wood, such as Stair handrail, tables or chairs legs, etc
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Application details for Cylinder wood samples processing by CNC lathe machine

Cylinder Wood CNC lathe machine detials:

CNC lathe machine detials features:

1). Maximum working length is 1500mm, Max.turning diameter is 300mm. 

2). The machine has 2 or 4 cutters at two sides of the machine, the 2 or 4 cutters work together,improve the efficiency greatly. 

3). Linear square rails, ball screws,some electronic components are imported, high precision and durable. 

4). It is heavy-duty, heavy weight, avoid shaking when the spindle rotates fast. 

5). Easy operation, we can draw by autoCAD and other softwares, transfer the files to machine by a USB. 

6). Strong 5.5KW motor. 

Applications of CNC lathe machine:


Lathe machine is designed for cylindrical or conoid workpieces,for example pillar,banister,chair legs,etc. All lathes work the same way.USB access device, turning garland, a molding.

Materials: Staircases, stairway balusters, stairway newel posts; dining table legs; end table legs; sofa table legs; bar stool legs; chair legs; chair arm posts; chair stretchers; bed rails; lamp posts; baseball bats and so on.


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