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A comparison between genuine NCStudio and pirate NCStudio

A comparison between genuine NCStudio and pirate NCStudio

Date: 2016-07-23 16:47From: http://www.cncrouter.xyzAuthor: JimmyViews: 369
Genuine NCStudio system control pulse frequency higher, faster, using pirated NCStudio system will only reduce machine performance and improve the machine fault rate.


1. Genuine NCStudio system control pulse frequency higher, faster (maximum output frequency up to 1MHz), the quality is better, the control resolution is high, the machining accuracy, stability and smoothness are improved effectively, the noise of the machine tool is reduced, and the service life of the machine tool is improved. The pirate NCStudio is unable to do so, the output frequency of piracy is only 50KHZ.

2. Genuine NCStudio system control signal using differential output, effective control of interference, the system stability is better. The output signal of piracy is unipolar NCStudio, poor anti-interference ability. After a set of EMC genuine NCStudio system testing, rigorous testing process, reliable quality. Piracy system no test.

3. Genuine system to provide for the wiring of the terminal board, can support the servo drive, and provide servo connection cable, convenient production and maintenance. There is no terminal board piracy Weihong, wiring complex is not stable.

4. Genuine system using advanced LEP interpolation algorithm, good processing quality, high degree of finish. Pirate system does not support the latest algorithm.

5. Genuine system support Beijing carved version 5.5, version 5.20, 5.19 version all eng file format, without having to do the file conversion, for carving machine with existing customers or familiar with carved typesetting software customers more convenient.

6. Genuine NCStudio is software package function, automatic data backup function, support backlash compensation and pitch error compensation, quadrant compensation, tool compensation, analog and regulate the spindle speed, spindle alarm, automatic tool setting, automatic and hand wheel guiding function, a single block execution, support tapping and punching, timing automatic oil supply function, the breakpoint continue, coordinate management mode, servo alarm, servo, servo encoder feedback signal, external override switch, knife and other advantages. All of the above features are not available.

7. Genuine NCStudio system to provide 7*24 hours of service, set up offices in 15, the service is convenient, easy to solve problems in a timely manner.

8. The company has a number of doctoral and master's R & D team, the performance of the system will continue to improve. Pirate system project has long been unable to achieve more functional stagnation. Genuine system can also enable manufacturers to continuously upgrade the brand, increase the added value of your products. Pirate system will only play a counter role.

9. Genuine NCStudio system can be encrypted to the system.

10. Genuine NCStudio system can support the precise power to continue carving function, will not be misplaced.

In a word, using pirate NCStudio system will only reduce machine performance and improve the machine fault rate, increase the cost of maintenance, the processing quality is bad, the performance of the machine is not stable, damage its own brand, to reduce the development of the machine's own added value and effect of manufacturers and users.

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