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What are the differences between the circular rail and square rail

Differences between the circular rail and square rail

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What are the differences between the circular rail and square rail? What are the characteristics about the circular rail and square rail?

1.The characteristics of Round rail 

The bearing capacity of the round rail is not bad, but the precision of it is not enough. Because it is very cheap and it need less time to product, some manufacturers will choose round rails for their machines.

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1.The characteristics of square rail 

Because of the rolling movement, the friction coefficient is very low. There is a small gap between the static friction force and dynamic friction force. Even it just move a short distance, there's no phenomenon of spin of the square. It can realize the μm degree of accuracy. On the other hand, with little frictional resistance, it is easy to lubrication and there's the great lubricating effect of it. It can make the machine can keep the high precision for long time. In the structural mechanical analysis, square rails can withstand the large load from four directions, in the meantime. It can withstand the large load of radial and horizontal direction and keep the running accuracy. 

Because the friction coefficient of square rail is very low, it just need less driving force. It can save energy, and the low friction coefficient brings the high speed. It can make the CNC machine function with the high rotation speed, low weight, less maintenance and excellent endurance.

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As a professional manufacturer of CNC machines, JINAN STYLE MACHINERY CO.,LTD choose Taiwan famous brand HIWIN Square rail. The combination applies the square rail and ball screw to the machine. Not only make the machine withstand the large load, but also ensure the accuracy of the work. Do you want to buy a high quality and efficient CNC machine? JINAN STYLE MACHINERY CO.,LTD is your best choice.

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