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The difference of the transmission of wood CNC router chapter 1

The difference of the transmission of CNC router

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We all know that there are two ways of the transmission of the CNC router. But what's the difference? Why choose ball screw or pinion and rack? This article might help you.

The most important structure of a CNC router machine is the transmission way of it. It is very important to the precision and function of a CNC router. This article lets you know the difference of some transmissions of CNC router, and the advantages of them.

ball screw of CNC router

From transmission theory, the working precision of pinion and rack transmission is not good as ball screw transmission. Why there are many CNC routers which are more expensive with ball screw transmission not pinion and rack transmission? There’s only one reason to get a faster working speed and work more efficiency. Because the fixed mode of ball screw is bearing retention which has a long distance empty. When you set a fast speed to your ball screw machine, it will produce some resonances which may influence the degree of finish. If choose a strong ball screw to solve the problem, you need spend more money for the strong ball screw and a drive motor with enough power.

ball screw of CNC router

The application of pinion and rack can make up for that. Because pinion and rack is totally fixed on the side of the machine, the resonances it produce is very weak. In the consideration of price, it will save much money than strong ball screw and a drive motor with enough power. Even though the precision is not good enough with ball screw, when the CNC router is used for wood, furniture, stone and other material which do not need a precision higher of 0.05mm. The pinion and rack transmission can save money and work well.

What's the advantages of ball screws and pinion racks? We will discuss it in our next chapter.

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