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The difference of the ball screw transmission of wood CNC router chapter 2

The difference of the ball screw transmission of wood CNC router chapter 2

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What are the advantages of ball screw transmission of wood CNC router? Why it can work with high precision? After reading this chapter, you may get the answer.

In the pre chapter, we dicuessed the two kinds of racks in the wood CNC router. One is helical rack, the other is spur rack. What are the differences of them?

CNC router with ball screw transmission

Theoretically speaking, helical rack transmission is more smoothly and steady than spur gear rack. With same width, the efficiency of helical rack transmission is greater than spur gear rack. But in practical using, spur gear rack is widely used more than helical rack. Because it is much easier to adjust with spur gear rack. And with the same size materials, the processing charges of spur gear rack is much cheaper than helical rack. Normally, if the helical rack can not be installed right, the efficiency of it is worse than spur gear rack. So in daily working, the spur gear rack is often used in CNC router machine except of some special requirements. 

Ball screw transmission

The ball screw transmission is often used in signs CNC router for high working efficiency. The major function of it is transform the rotational motion into linear motion or transform the torque into acting force of axial direction. It also can work with high precision and reversibility.

A ball screw is composed of screw, nut and ball. Because of the little friction it make, it’s widely applied to many commercial installations and precise instruments.

What’s the features of the ball screw transmission?

the ball screw  CNC router

1 Torque is 1/3 of lead screw

Because there are many balls rolling motion between the screw and nut in a ball screw transmission, it gets a movement efficiency. It can save many power.

2 Possible of micro-feeding

Ball screw transmission uses the transmission of the balls, the torque when it start is very small. So it can realize micro-feeding.

3 High precision

It is manufactured by the highest level in the world equipment, especially in grind, assembling for the factory. The controlling of temperature and humidity, all details make the precision is well guaranteed.

4 High speed motion

Because of the high precision and less calorification of the ball screw transmission, it can make the high speed motion come true.

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