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Why to buy a CNC router with vacuum table?

Why to buy a CNC router with vacuum table?

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What are the advantages of CNC router with vacuum table different from T-slot table? Why to buy a CNC router with vacuum table?

There are two kinds of tables for CNC router. One is T-slot table, and the other is vacuum table. What's the advantages of CNC router with vacuum table? Why we should use the vacuum table? This article will tell you.

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First of all, it can save many times and energies. You can just put your materiasl on it. Even for some materials with less regular shape, it can also be fixed by the vacuum table very well. And during processing, the materials won’t vibrate to the tools. Obviously, with the vacuum table can improve the precision of engraving, especially for some materials which are very thin, light or with less regular shape. If with T-slot table, it may change the shape of materials. And the materials may move when processing, it will reduce the precision of engraving.


In what situation you need a T-slot table CNC rouetr rather than vacuum table CNC router?

CNC router with T-slot table.png


The first situation is when the material is very heavy. The vacuum table can not fix it well because of the weight. With T-slot tools can fix it well and it won’t move very much which may change the precision of engraving.

The second situation is you need to cut or hollow out your materials. After you cutting or hollowing out your materials, you can not make it vacuum. But there’s a way to help, you can put a very thin MDF on your vacuum table, it can solve your problems partly.

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